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March 29-30, 2017: IDG Face-to-Face Meeting, Hyatt Place Uptown, Albuquerque, NM.
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Feb 2017: SLAS 2017 meeting in Washington, DC under the Data Analysis and Informatics Track is a session entitled “Let There Be Light: Informatics Approaches to Exploring the Dark Genome” with Session Chair Rajarshi Guha
-Talks by Tudor Oprea and Avi Ma'ayan

20 May 2017: Special Symposium “50Years of Progress Celebrating Les Benet’s 80th Birthday”, in Stockholm, Sweden.  T. Oprea talk “To Repurpose or not Repurpose: How much drug can I get to my target? That is the question."

6-8 Mar 2017: OpenEye CUP XVII in Santa Fe, NM - Presentation by Tudor Oprea

Past Events

NEW! Mark Your Calendars for the IDG Consortium Face-to-Face Meeting March 22, 2016 at the Residence Inn by Marriott Downtown Bethesda.

09 Mar 2016: Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference presented by Oleg Ursu "Illuminating the Druggable Genome Knowledge Management Center" Extra link to speaker agenda for the session Bioinformatics for Big Data.

25 Jan 2016: ICPB Conference presentation by Tudor Oprea 'Linking Disease, Drugs and Druggable Proteome'

7 -9 Oct 2015: Outreach Activity: Presentation by Tudor Oprea at International Chemical Biology Society in Berlin, Germany

10-14 July 2015: Outreach Activity: Poster and Presentation by David Westergaard entitled "Systematic characterization of the disease and tissue distributions for identification of novel drug targets" at ISMB/ECCB meeting Ireland

1-3 July 2015: Outreach Activity: Presentation by Tudor Oprea entitled "Drugs, Targets, Diseases and the Druggable Proteome" at International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry: Drug Discovery and Selection Understanding Targets and Mechanism in Avignon, France

14 May 2015: Outreach Activity: Presentation by Tudor Oprea at the IMPC KOMP2 (Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor ME), "IDG KMC & IMPC: An Outreach activity"

21 April 2015: Outreach Activity: Presentation by Tudor Oprea at the 2015 Annual AACR Meeting (Philadelphia, PA), "Illuminating the druggable genome: Target prioritization for cancer drug discovery and repurposing"

18 February 2015: Translational Informatics Workshop at UNM: speakers Stuart Nelson, Russ Altman, Tianyun Liu, Oleg Ursu, Tudor Oprea, Subramani Mani, Christos Argyropoulos, Philip Kroth, Jeremy Edwards

02 February 2015: Presentation by Tudor Oprea at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy (UC San Diego), "Drugs, Targets, Disease: How Informatics Can Change Therapeutics"

27 January 2015: Information session at UNM: "ChEMBL: The Organization of DrugDiscovery Data" Talk by Anne Hersey and George Papadatos

18 November 2014:  Outreach Activity: American Medical Informatics Association Annual Symposium Didactic Panel"Genomic Dark Matter, Druggability and Misunderstood Targets"  - organized by Subramani Mani (UNM), featuring Josh Swamidass (Washington University St Louis), Noel Southall (NIH NCATS) and Tudor Oprea (UNM)

22 September 2014:  IDG KMC Live Interview at KASA-TV Albuquerque (Tudor Oprea)

16 September 2014:  UNM Cancer Center Press Release about the IDG KMC

03 September 2014:  Calico - a Google-AbbVie $500 Million venture has been set up; its primary mission relies on Target Prioritization. 

03 September 2014:  EuroQSAR 2014 abstract book added; also Oprea's presentation that includes IDG outreach activity

31 July 2014: GENMedicalDailyDrug Discovery & DevelopNIH